GroupCrisis Management, Safety and Security

Crisis Management, Safety and Security

The crisis management, safety and security group performs research with a focus on complex systems in the rescue service and similar domain. The research is mainly focused on information tools and decision support tools that are used in complex teamwork, leadership and command and control. This includes information and computer based support used from everyday accidents to the extraordinary events on local, national and global levels.

Examples of domains:

  • Dispatching and coordination of rescue service resources
  • Prehospital emergency care
  • Forest fire extinguishing
  • Medical home care

In our research we use to study and perform:

  • Training of complex teamwork and command and control 
  • Automation and decision support tools in complex control and coordination centers.
  • Sudy control and coordination in centralized control centers
  • Study usage of information and decision support tools
  • Study collaboration processes


In our research we often use computer based simulations to create realistic test and training situations. In the simulation environments personnel can experience the leadership and command and control task needed to work in a control and coordination center. In our environments the operators experience tasks where they needs to collaborate, prioritize among goals, make synchronized plans, and coordinate actions etc. The system makes it possible to monitoring the effectiveness of the teams, the information distribution in the organization, the situation awareness, and the work and collaboration methods.




We are working in close collaboration with the Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response (CARER), Department of Science and Technology (ITN) and Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) at Linköping University.


Rego Granlund
PhD, Researcher
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Erik Prytz

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