GroupDigital Health Lab (DHL)

Digital Health Lab (DHL)

Digital Health Lab at RISE SICS - A national eHealth competence centre


The citizens of Sweden and beyond expect an evolution in the way quality care and healthcare are accessed and delivered. ICT tools, enabling eHealth services and the ongoing society digitalisation, leave no room for idling regarding the needed developing and transforming of the health and care sectors. The citizens, patients, relatives, informal carers and the staff in the social care and healthcare sectors are at the forefront to benefit from such evolution.

Here, the stakeholders like municipalities, county councils, regions, government, other related public and private organizations including research & innovation, and not the least the industry, have all significant collaborative roles to play – in making digitalisation the enabling tool for citizens’ and patient’ focussed and co-produced social care and healthcare.

The challenges include meeting citizens’ expectations and the sustainability of public finances with regard to social care and healthcare systems due to the demographic ageing society with age related health issues. Fortunately, this opens up for innovative solutions, new businesses, new expanding international markets and export possibilities.


Experiences and skills at the Digital Health Lab at RISE SICS

The Lab has long experience in collaborating with care and healthcare providers, including industry, to develop innovative eHealth enabled solutions. This includes e.g. eHealth enabled solutions that integrate primary and secondary healthcare with municipality based home-care and care in out-door environment to support patients/clients with chronic health conditions. One of the specialties of the Lab is, in cooperation with industry, to develop innovative eHealth based solutions that support older persons to an increased independence and being able to stay longer in at-home environment. The Lab is also, from time to time, assigned by health authorities to investigate strategic health issues where eHealth solutions are seen as a potential enabler. The expertise of the Lab includes sectors like Standardisation, Interoperability, Visualization & Human Machine Interface, Data Security and Privacy, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Technology – and in addition, a broad knowledge of organisation and financing of social care and healthcare sectors.


EU and international cooperation’s

The Digital Health Lab is engaged in several EU co-funded projects in different eHealth applications (e.g. telehealth, telecare, mHealth). The experience from EU and international cooperation is very good in a mutual enhanced-experience atmosphere. The Lab is very interested in further EU and international cooperation.


Partners for cooperation welcome

During the past years the Digital Health Lab at RISE SICS has developed a network of very experienced partners for cooperation, nationally and internationally. Along with the digitalisation in society, broader width and depth of eHealth enabled solutions are required in many different areas of social care and healthcare and interconnected. This requires more often a multidisciplinary approach, including specific knowledge in e.g. economy & finance, reimbursements & business models, medical specialties, general medical practices, nursing health, public health, health technology assessment (HTA), laws and legal framework, ethical issues, health strategies and health policies. The Lab welcomes contacts, national and international, for possible cooperation.







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