Digital Health Lab (DHL)

Digital Health Lab will lead Sweden into the era of digital health.

Health care in the future will be increasingly home-based. This will necessitate advanced monitoring systems for our bodies, excellent communication with health professionals, big data analytics to extract crucial data, security and privacy within the health care system, and above all: cooperation.

The Digital Health Lab manages, coordinates and participates in several eHealth projects within Sweden and all over Europe. The lab has unique competence regarding challenges and solutions within the eHealth field, within social care as well as medical and preventive care, and a rich network of internal and external resources.

Many initiatives in this area have recently stagnated because they are run by individual organizations, and thus lack the collaboration and access to resources that might be achieved with a more coordinated approach. “Digital Health Lab” will change this situation.

“We are determined to cooperate with all the key stakeholders in the area to make things happen”, says Per-Olof Sjöberg, head of the laboratory and manager of the business and innovation area, eHealth, at Swedish ICT.
"The Digital Health Lab will be based in Norrköping and in Kista, but the lab will have an impact all over Sweden and Europe. E-health has the potential to become one of the big areas of the future for Sweden, and we are well positioned to start rolling it out in the next few years ”, says Per-Olof Sjöberg.

e-health innovations in Sweden

Swedish ICT has devised an action plan for positioning Sweden at the forefront of development and implementation of services and products to support home care for the elderly and chronically ill. See green button-links to the right.

New Tools for Health

New Tools for Health is an initiative within SICS Swedish ICT and the new Digital Health Lab. External web page: Hälsans nya verktyg (New Tools for Health)

New Tools for Health has been running for the last 10 years, based in Östergötland in the east of Sweden. Its objective is to create new products and services that lead to increased independence for the elderly and more efficient health and social care based in the home.

New Tools for Health works as a network between caregivers, researchers and financing bodies in various projects. New Tools for Health has contributed to the development of more than 70 new products and services, and about 30 new companies have been started.



Rolf Andersson

+46 73 640 31 10
rolf.andersson [at]

Dag Forsén
Project Manager
+46 70 143 62 64
dag.forsen [at]

Malin E Fransson

+46 73 800 39 55
malin.e.fransson [at]

Mona Jonsson
Regional manager eHealth and Digital Health Lab, Executive Secretary New Tools for Health
+46 708 91 92 91
mona.jonsson [at]

Ingela Lindblad
+46 70 682 36 34
ingela [at]

Paul Martin

+46 702 51 69 75
paul.martin [at]

Silas Olsson
Manager international cooperation, eHealth section
+46 70 580 09 01
silas.olsson [at]

Michael Peolsson
Project Manager
+46 76 041 09 05
michael.peolsson [at]

Per-Olof Sjöberg
Manager of Bus. and Inn. Area eHealth and Digital Health Lab
+46 70 519 04 91
pos [at]



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