Groupe-Society - Healthcare and Everyday Information Services

e-Society - Healthcare and Everyday Information Services

The e-Society research group is involved in development and studies of enabling technologies for new everyday IT-based applications with an emphasis on internet-embedded residential and mobile services for the citizen, including e-government services and health care. The studies concern new IT-based services in the society from a human-centered perspective (consumer, citizen and user), with applications in home services for the citizen, electronic commerce, electronic media and publishing, and public sector services, all with a special concern for small and medium-sized enterprises. The research is intended to produce market insights, business ideas, testbeds and open source software, and to develop theoretical insights combined with human-centered solutions for high quality in use, demonstrated by world-class scientific results and industrial applications. Example projects and applications include ICT support for communication and information management for home healthcare teams, novel interaction technologies for everyday environments and internet-based public information services.

A major activity in this area has been sponsored by the Swedish Institute for Systems Development, SISU, as documented at the following site:


Mattias Arvola
+46 73 362 19 93
mattias.arvola [at]

Magnus Bång
+46 70 191 86 63
magnus.bang [at]

Rego Granlund
PhD, Researcher
+46 70 688 84 66
rego.granlund [at]

Lars Hult
Researcher, PhD
+46 70 531 62 34
lars.hult [at]

Arne Jönsson
+46 70 517 19 01
arne.jonsson [at]

Leili Lind
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 588 73 72
leili.lind [at]

Mathias Nordvall
+46 73 262 44 62
mathias.nordvall [at]


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