GroupInternet Traffic Management

Internet Traffic Management

In the area of traffic management we conduct research to enhance the performance and utilization of the networks that the Internet builds on. Important topics are traffic engineering, traffic characterization, performance optimization, network management and network monitoring.

Internet traffic management is a research area within the Communication Networks and Systems Laboratory.


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Traffic engineering

The objective of traffic engineering in IP-networks is to avoid congestion in the network and to make better use of available resources by adapting the routing to the current traffic situation. Today traffic is usually routed on the shortest path through a network. This is the case even if the shortest path is overloaded and there exist alternative paths that are underutilised. We investigate how optimisation techniques can be applied to IP-networks in order to better utilise network resources and to avoid congestion by balancing load over several paths.

The research includes investigation of:

  • Methods for setting links-weights in the legacy intra-domain routing protocols OSPF and IS-IS
  • New routing mechanisms based on optimisation techniques
  • Robustness of traffic engineering techniques and how they manage to handle Internet traffic dynamics

Traffic characteristics

Traffic engineering presuppose good knowledge about Internet traffic behaviour as well as methods and tools for network performance measurements. Many traffic engineerings methods need as input a traffic matrix describing the demand between each pair of nodes in the network.

Our research includes investigation of:

  • methods for traffic matrix estimation and network tomography
  • predictability and temporal properties of network traffic
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