GroupNetwork Intelligence (NI)

Network Intelligence (NI)

The Network Intelligence group at the DNA lab specializes in developing smart capabilities of networking technologies by applied machine-learning and deep systems knowledge. Our work is fundamental for enabling future applications and services, such as massive IoT deployment, intelligent transportation, cloud robotics and remote surgery. 

Current line of research involves development of data-driven methods and tools for monitoring, virtualization and software-defined networking for fixed and mobile network technologies addressing:

  • Resilience and robustness in distributed control planes
  • High-throughput low-latency service chaining
  • Intelligent interface selection for 5G

We are collaborating with a large number of academic and industrial partners across Europe within the following areas:

  • Network Monitoring and Management of Telecom Clouds
  • 5G: Resource coordination and performance of wireless and mobile networks
  • Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization

Check out our GitHub-repository! We want real stuff out of our theoretical results - hence, we implement deployable code compliant with established open source platforms such as OpenStack and contributing to e.g. OPNFV and ONOS.

Working with us:

  • Undergraduate: Are you research oriented with great coding skills? Contact us for a master's thesis assignment!
  • Postgraduate: Are you into solving real problems combining theory and systems? Contact us - we might just have an exciting assigment for you!

​No harm in sending us an email - We are always looking for researchers - more information here!

News feed on our activities: Follow the head of the Network Intelligence group on twitter: @sics_rebste

Network Intelligence - scope of research overview:


Per Danielsson
+46 70 385 02 58
per.danielsson [at]

Jan Ekman
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 225 65 01
jan.ekman [at]

Georgios P. Katsikas
Industrial Ph.D.
+46 72 503 73 45
georgios.katsikas [at]

Dejan Kostic
+46 73 765 20 43
dejan.kostic [at]

Per Kreuger
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 566 37 15
per.kreuger [at]

Shaoteng Liu
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 72 293 53 20
shaoteng.liu [at]

Akhila Rao
+46 72 278 91 92
akhila.rao [at]

Rebecca Steinert
Group leader, Senior Researcher, PhD
+46 70 773 15 71
rebecca.steinert [at]