GroupNetworked Embedded Systems Group (NES)

Networked Embedded Systems Group (NES)

The Networked Embedded Systems (NES) group is a part of the RISE SICS Computer Systems Laboratory. Group leader is Thiemo Voigt.

We conduct projects together with industry and academic partners from Sweden and across the world. See Projects in the menu to the right.

The current research focus is on wireless sensor networks systems and the Internet of Things. We work with lower power networking, operating systems (Contiki), system support, programming and development support (programming abstractions, simulation tools), and security for the Internet of Things. We are also developing SicsthSense, an open cloud platform for the Internet of Things. 

Among the group's key technologies are the Contiki operating system and uIP stack, both created by NES alumnus Adam Dunkels.

We can offer post-doc positions in networked embedded systems/wireless sensor networks via ERCIM. Applications are coordinated by Thiemo Voigt.

We also offer interesting MSc theses / exjobb. Please contact Thiemo Voigt.



Simon Duquennoy
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 202 14 82
simon.duquennoy [at]

Joakim Eriksson
Ph Lic, Senior Researcher
+46 70 774 15 41
joakim.eriksson [at]

Niclas Finne
Ph Lic, Researcher
+46 70 561 70 60
niclas.finne [at]

Zhitao He
M.Sc, Researcher
+46 76 206 95 23
zhitao.he [at]

Joel Höglund
+46 70 775 1609
joel.hoglund [at]

Luca Mottola
Ph. D., Associate Professor

luca.mottola [at]

Nicolas Tsiftes
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
+46 70 734 92 47
nicolas.tsiftes [at]

Thiemo Voigt
Professor, Group Manager
+46 70 633 09 40
thiemo.voigt [at]

Niklas Wirström
+46 70 776 15 38
niklas.wirstrom [at]


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