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SICS East Swedish ICT AB (Santa Anna)

SICS East Swedish ICT AB (formerly Santa Anna IT Research Institute AB) is situated in Linköping with its administrative office in Mjärdevi Science Park. The institute cooperates closely with Linköpings University, primarily the Department of Computer and Information Science, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Research areas of special interest

  • Software and systems engineering
  • IT in medicine and home health care
  • Security and public information services
  • Ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence
  • Usability and multi-modal dialoginterface engineering


  • e-Society - Healthcare and everyday information services. Contact Professor sture [dot] hagglund [at] santaanna [dot] se (body: epost%20Sture%20H%C3%A4gglund) (Sture Hägglund).
  • Software Engineering and Object Modeling. Contact Professor peter [dot] fritzson [at] liu [dot] se (body: epost%20Peter%20Fritzson) (Peter Fritzson).
  • Coding and Communication. Contact Professor robert [at] isy [dot] liu [dot] se (body: epost%20Robert%20Forchheimer) (Robert Forchheimer).

Some current projects

  • The eHealth Diary - Telemonitoring of patients with advanced COPD and heart failure within specialised home care ‐ based on digital pen technology and a health diary form (“the eHealth Diary”) - The eHealth Diary, a 3 year long research study, aims at supporting patients with heart failure and/or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and their professional caregivers in specialised homecare through the use of a telehealth system based on digital pen technology. The telehealth system provides the professional caregivers with frequent patient‐reported outcome measures (PROMs) on various symptoms and measurement data for the detection of early signs of deterioration. In the home, patients with advanced heart failure and/or COPD use the digital pen and paper health‐diary forms daily to fill in symptom assessments, intake of p.r.n. medications, and measurement data, e.g. weight, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. The study will evaluate if the method and system can contribute to earlier detection of patients’ deterioration, and prevention of acute hospital admission. Contact: Dr. Leili Lind.
  • Friendly Reader - Dynamic, variable and user-controlled summaries of documents, developed as one of the winning projects in the Innovation Contest sponsored by The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS). The service is freely available and combines a design-for-all perspective with an ambition to simplify access to information on the Internet for people with reading difficulties. Contact Professor Arne Jönsson.
    External homepage:
  • Open Source Modelica Consortium - Management of an international network promoting the development and use of the Modelica Language and Toolbox for equation-based modeling of industrial products and systems. Contact Professor Peter Fritzson.
    External homepage:
  • Sightlence - The aim of this project is to make it easier for developers of information and communication technology to make use of the haptic modality to support people with deafblindness. We aim to explore and develop tools for development and design of haptic user interfaces.The project is financed by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) as one of seven winners in the Innovation Contest 2012. Contact Docent Mattias Arvola.
  • VASS - Mixed reality for integrated learning. The objective for this project is to put mobile augmented reality to the test in regular education with a browser and editor for accessing and editing computer augmented landscapes. The technical development and design builds on the Minnesmark framework developed in the previous project "Augmented Reality in Astrid Lindgren's Landscape". Contact Docent Mattias Arvola.
  • Prolog - Printed Organic Logics for low-cost smart tags. The objective is to provide the market with ultra-low-cost smart tags through the developemnt of printed logic circuits interfacing printed memories, displays and batteries. The project is  coordinated by Acreo Swedish ICT. We contribute component modeling, circuit design and circuit testing. Contact Professor Robert Forchheimer.
  • BoNUS VO - (Brukar och Närståendeportal för Uppföljning och Stöd i Vård och Omsorg.) The project is run together with Linköpings kommun and Phoniro Systems AB and develops a concept for improved communication and coordination of care efforts for elderly supported by the municipality and by relatives. Contact Professor Sture Hägglund.
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Mattias Arvola
PhD, Santa Anna Research Faculty

mattias [at] santaanna [dot] se

Adeel Asgar

asgher [dot] adeel [at] gmail [dot] com

Emil Boström

emil [dot] bostrom [at] gmail [dot] com

Magnus Bång
PhD, Santa Anna Research Faculty

magba [at] ida [dot] liu [dot] se

Henrik Danielsson

henrik [dot] danielsson [at] liu [dot] se

Henrik Eriksson
Professor, Santa Anna Research Faculty

hener [at] ida [dot] liu [dot] se

Robert Forchheimer
Professor, Santa Anna Research Faculty

robert [at] isy [dot] liu [dot] se

Peter Fritzson
Professor, Santa Anna Research Faculty

peter [dot] fritzson [at] liu [dot] se

Mahder Gebremedhin

mahder [dot] gebremedhin [at] liu [dot] se

Rego Granlund
PhD, Researcher
+46 70 688 84 66
rego [dot] granlund [at] sics [dot] se

Lars Hult
Researcher, PhD

lars [dot] hult [at] santaanna [dot] se

Sture Hägglund
Research director, CEO SICS East. Santa Anna Research Faculty
+46 13 28 14 31
sture [dot] hagglund [at] santaanna [dot] se

Magnus Ingmarsson
Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate
+46 13 28 19 56
magin846 [at] gmail [dot] com

Arne Jönsson
Professor, Santa Anna Research Faculty

arnjo [at] ida [dot] liu [dot] se

Leili Lind
PhD, Senior Researcher

leili [dot] lind [at] santaanna [dot] se

Martin Mileros

mileros [at] gmail [dot] com

Harald Nautsch

harna [at] isy [dot] liu [dot] se

Mathias Nordvall

mathias [dot] nordvall [at] gmail [dot] com

Adrian Pop

Adrian [dot] Pop [at] liu [dot] se

Martin Sjölund

martin [dot] sjolund [at] liu [dot] se

Christian Smith

christian [dot] smith [at] liu [dot] se

Christer Svensson
Project manager

christer [dot] s [dot] svensson [at] santaanna [dot] se

Naga (Umapathi) Tallapragada

naga [dot] venkata [dot] tallapragada [at] liu [dot] se

Vivian Vimarlund
Professor, Santa Anna Reseacrh Faculty

vivvi [at] ida [dot] liu [dot] se

Per Östlund
Research engineer

per [dot] ostlund [at] liu [dot] se



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