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In May 2012, SICS Västerås, a subsidiary to SICS Swedish ICT, opened in Västerås. The purpose of SICS Västerås is to strengthen the innovation system in Mälardalen by offering contract research to companies in the region. Contract research often has a shorter time horizon and focus on delivering tangible results based on the latest research results; creating direct value for the customer.

SICS Västerås consists of a flexible group of researchers with strong connections to researchers at universities and SICS in Kista. SICS Västerås has a very strong network of researchers in several areas including; embedded systems, the future of internet and services, industrial efficiency, optimisation , systems and software engineering, future energy, innovation and product realisation. A team of researchers is quickly put together adapted to the research mission. The strength lies in the ability to put together a tiger team of great researchers to deliver tangible results to the customer.


SICS has close relationships with several of the strongest players in Mälardalen, including ABB and Bombardier but also with smaller and medium sized companies as well as with  the cities of Västerås and Eskilstuna. The SICS establishment in Västerås strengthens the innovation system in the whole region, primarily in contract research. The venture is in close collaboration with Mälardalen University and in collaboration with the network Automation Region.

Contact info

SICS Swedish ICT Västerås AB
Kopparbergsvägen 10
SE-722 13 Västerås
Phone +46 705 17 34 80
Switchboard +46 8 633 1500

info-vasteras [at]


SICS Swedish ICT Västerås AB
Box 1263
164 29 Kista


SICS Swedish ICT Västerås AB
Swedish org no: 556877-7139
VAT no: SE556877713901
Bankgiro: 845-3805
Bank transfer: Danske Bank, Kista Science Tower, Färögatan 33
SE-164 51 KISTA, Sweden
IBAN: SE47 1200 0000 0137 9014 1372
Account no: 0141372
Sort code: 1379


Ali Balador
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
+46 73 053 21 33
ali.balador [at]

Markus Bohlin
PhD, Assoc Prof., Senior Researcher
+46 70 787 66 08
markus.bohlin [at]

Stefan Cedergren
Research leader
+46 70 791 44 40
stefan.cedergren [at]

Petra Edoff
PhD, Researcher
+46 72 549 05 96
petra.edoff [at]

Blerim Emruli
PhD, Researcher
+46 725 79 09 41
blerim [at]

Niclas Ericsson
+46730550390 [at]

Daniel Flemström
Project Manager
+46 70 627 12 95
daniel.flemstrom [at]

Joakim Fröberg
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 594 67 09
joakim.froberg [at]

Hans Hansson
Professor, Scientific leader
+46 73 960 71 27
hansh [at]

Helena Jerregård
CEO SICS Västerås
+46 70 517 34 80
helena.jerregard [at]

Martin Joborn
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 570 99 92
martin.joborn [at]

Anders OE Johansson
National programme manager, PiiA
+46 70 562 52 50
anders.oe.johansson [at]

Helena Junegard
Finance, SICS Västerås
+46 70 461 64 74
helena.junegard [at]

Stig Larsson
Deputy Manager SICS Västerås, PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 72 563 78 76
stig.larsson [at]

Tomas Lennvall
Senior researcher
+46 730 360036
tomas.lennvall [at]

Björn Löfvendahl
Research Engineer
+46 73 084 46 05
bjorn.lofvendahl [at]

Daniella Magnusson
Project Assistant
+46 73 362 53 44
daniella.magnusson [at]

Thomas Nessen
+46 70 274 55 79
thomas.nessen [at]

Zohreh Ranjbar
PhD, Researcher
+46 70 627 85 98
zohreh.ranjbar [at]

Mehrdad Saadatmand
Researcher in Software Engineering, PhD.
+46 72 569 59 56
mehrdad [at]

Kristian Sandström
PhD, Adjunct Prof., Senior Researcher
+46 73 - 082 24 98
kristian.sandstrom [at]

Linnéa Svenman
Communications officer
+46 70 627 85 60
linneas [at]

Sahar Tahvili
+46 72 573 36 67
sahart [at]

Susanne Timsjö
Assistant national program manager PiiA
+46 73 072 39 60
susanne.timsjo [at]

Petter Wannerberg
Research Engineer

petter [at]

Anders Wikström
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 592 84 90
Wikstrom [at]


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PiiA - Strategic Innovation Program

PiiA will strengthen Swedish competitiveness

SICS Västerås has been assigned to host the programme office for a new SIP, Strategic Innovation Program, for Sweden. The new SIP is Process Industrial IT and Automation: PiiA. Process Industrial IT and automation is an area where several Swedish companies are world leading when it comes to developing, delivering, integrating and using automation technology.

Right now, the activities of PiiA are being formed. In autumn 2013, eight pilot studies were granted, and in 2014 further calls and projects will be implemented. There will be program activities such as conferences or mentoring program and other strategic initiatives in PiiA, such as test-beds or graduate schools.

PiiA is one of five strategic innovation areas of Sweden appointed in 2013. The focus of SIP's is to contribute to a mobilization where industry, academia and the public sector together strengthen the competitiveness of Sweden and create conditions for sustainable solutions to global societal challenges. Responsible authorities are VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

Learn more about the programme at