Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory (SSE)

The Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory (SSE) has as its research theme "successful development of software-based systems for the digital society". The focus is on providing relevant solutions for software and systems development in a society that becomes increasingly connected and automated, and frequently updated through continuous deployment. Special attention is given to large-scale cyber-physical systems, where traditional embedded systems are evolving into systems-of-systems through connectivity, using technologies from the Internet of Things. The business landscape is also changing, with companies cooperating in software ecosystems across organizational borders and traditional domains.

Currently, the research activities in the SSE lab focus on four areas:

  • Process evolution: Agile and Lean development practices need to scale from the team level to large organizations and across companies to meet future challenges. They must also deal with the harder requirements on dependability in the domain of cyber-physical systems-of-systems.
  • System architecture: New architectural challenges appear on the system-of-systems level, and as a consequence of automation, where architectures need to adapt to robustness and dependability requirements in a situation of inherent uncertainty.
  • Software ecosystems: The digitization leads to new ways of structuring business relations, including the emergence of new actors and different business models. We study how such ecosystems can be managed for cyber-physical systems-of-systems.
  • System qualities: System qualities and non-functional requirements, such as cost, performance, and safety, are often driving factors in making key decisions. We study methods both for estimating qualities before a system is built, and for analyzing them on a given system, which also includes testing.

In these areas, and others, researchers in the lab are building knowledge through the development of new processes, methods, tools and technologies.


Martin Aronsson
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 624 84 26
martin.aronsson [at]

Markus Borg
PhD, Senior Researcher

markus.borg [at]

Stefan Cedergren
Research leader
+46 70 791 44 40
stefan.cedergren [at]

Ulrik Franke
PhD, Senior researcher
+46 72 549 92 64
ulrik.franke [at]

Emmanuel Frécon
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 643 15 34
emmanuel.frecon [at]

Joakim Fröberg
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 594 67 09
joakim.froberg [at]

Sara Gestrelius
Ph Lic, Researcher
+46 76 106 14 52
sara.gestrelius [at]

Pär Hansson
+46 70 749 71 30
par.hansson [at]

Martin Joborn
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 570 99 92
martin.joborn [at]

Eilert Johansson
Senior Project Manager
+46 70 241 86 68
eilert.johansson [at]

Arndt Jonasson
+46 73 433 86 04
arndt.jonasson [at]

Martin Kjellin
+46 72 202 88 57
martin.kjellin [at]

Thomas Olsson
Senior Researcher
+46 72 550 48 41
thomas.olsson [at]

Efi Papatheocharous
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 528 63 76
efi.papatheocharous [at]

Olov Ståhl
+46 70 290 51 51
olov.stahl [at]

Victoria Svedberg
+46 72 530 04 21
victoria.svedberg [at]

Jonas Söderberg
+46 70 666 15 87
jas [at]

Anders Wallberg
+46 70 360 75 45
anders.wallberg [at]


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