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Health Movement

The Health Movement project has received funding from EIT Health to run a Project for two years, started 2017. The project goal is to develop the Health Movement, a dynamic ecosystem of community actors to prevent chronic diseases. The impact is lowering the risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic diseases and decreasing costs with preventive interventions. The greater objectives are:

  • Connecting existing wellness and health services to create seamless network of health service touch points and ‘nudges’ in the citizen’s daily interactions.
  • Establish a method for screening undiagnosed patients to localise service needs. Diabetes being an early focus group, the International Diabetes Federation estimates that 193 million people with diabetes are undiagnosed.
  • Define a health index to govern the reimbursement system for service transactions – the goal is to procure a defined, measurable and valued health by issuing a contract where the value and risk is divided between the actors involved.

The SSE lab at SICS are mainly involved in the ICT-related work packages with two main goals:

  • Designing and implementing an architecture for the Health Integrator service
  • Provide the Health Integrator service and work with ICT issues for the PoC project study
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