Acreo FiberLab inaugurated by Ulrica Messing

13 September, 2001 - 18:30

Acreo FiberLab inaugurated by Ulrica Messing

2001-09-13  The new Acreo two-storey ffibre optic lab in Hudiksvall, a facility encompassing 1900m2 including a 450m2 Clean Room, is ready for use.  The laboratory is a unique resource in northern Europe, available to University and College researchers as well as institutes and industry both within and outside Sweden. 

The facility is furnished with leading-edge technology equipment for development, production, and characterization of specialty types of optical fibers for future use within the communication and sensor fields.  The total initial investment is 30 MSK in equipment and an equal amount for the facility and the infrastructure.

The field of specialty fiber is an international dynamic and innovative technology with a strong growth potential.  Many companies in Sweden will be using specialty fibers in the manufacture of products based on optical technology.  However, few if any companies will be  manufacturers of specialty optical fibers due to the high initial costs of staffing and equipment.  The centre for development and small scale production of specialty fiber in Hudiksvall will therefore be a very important strategic resource for new start-up companies in the field, but also for more established ones within the expanding fiber optical market.

The goal of the investment is to establish a very strong infrastructure in Hudiksvall. In the advancement of research, Acreo FiberLab will use the existing links within a very close geographic community: academic research and education, i.e. Mitthögskolan at Sundsvall/Hudiksvall; further process development toward fiber optical products – Acreo, Kista/Hudiksvall; production of fiber cables and components – Ericsson Network Technologies AB, Hudiksvall; consulting services within fiber optics, i.e.OFCON AB, Hudiksvall; optical networks - Via Futura and the metropolitan area network of Hudiksvall; and technical education at post high school and KY-level – Lansenutbildningar, Hudiksvall.

The starting point is the research that has been developed at Acreo, the fiber cable business that exists at Ericsson Network Technologies AB (formerly Ericsson  Cables AB) in Hudiksvall, and the existing research into sensors and material chemistry at Mitthögskolan.

Planned activities at the laboratory

Acreo FiberLab in Hudiksvall will

  • Work on advanced international development projects within fiber optics
  • Strengthen the potential for new companies to be created through close co-operation with the technical centre
  • Encourage Swedish industry to be more competitive in the world-wide market for fiber optical technology and products
  • Participate in the education of highly qualified technicians and researchers

Research and development will be done within the following area:

  • Develop basic material techniques for specialty fiber
  • Develop process techniques for production of specialty fiber
  • Develop, produce, and characterize specialty fiber components

For more information, please contact:

Magnus Breidne, vVD Acreo AB, 08-632 77 11, 070-846 0464 magnus.breidne [at] or Ingmar Höglund, Manager Acreo FiberLab, 0650-556602, 070-216 6864 ingmar.hoglund [at]