Acreo launches “Test-bed for Broadband Communication “

12 February, 2003 - 15:00

Acreo launches “Test-bed for Broadband Communication “

2003-02-12:  Acreo launches “Test-bed for Broadband Communication “, a national scale project to provide next generation communication services to customer.

This long-term project supported by the Swedish government is targeted to develop and test the next generation heterogeneous datacom and telecom infrastructure based on frontier optical networking technologies. The initiative is aimed to provide various broadband communication services to customers. One of the objectives is to demonstrate and realize service/technology transparency and compatibility of a large-scale reconfigurable optical network based on services, equipment and technologies from different manufacturers and service providers. An important expectation of the project is that low cost optical technology applicable for transmission and access networks will be available at lower price and move closer to the end-users.

The project goal is to build and demonstrate a multi-vendor, end-to-end, high-speed optical network with novel broadband services offered to end-users. The network architecture will be re-configurable with integrated network management. As a first step of the realization, the Test-bed will cover a distance of about 400 km, connecting the Stockholm and Hudiksvall metropolitan regions along the coast of the Bothnia gulf. Reaching traffic speeds up to 40 Gbps, the network will be able to deliver a diversity of services to customers requiring broadband capacity: video-conferencing and video-distribution, IP-TV, IP-telephony, telemedicine applications, distance working and education, storage area networking, video-on-demand etc. Since most of these services require high-speed access, sp cial efforts will be devoted to solve bottleneck problems for access systems. To break the existing bandwidth limitations in the access networks, a number of advanced approaches will be tested in the system. These include both optical transmission techniques for Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and transmission over the classical links (Asymmetric Digital Subscribe Line, ADSL), or transmission over coaxial cables or the air (Wireless Local Area Networks, WLAN, or mobile systems). Of special interest for mobile systems is the configuration with Fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) connecting to the base stations.

Because of its large scale, the project intends to involve a large consortium of participants. In addition to Acreo AB, coordinating the project, it will also include private companies (equipment manufacturers and service providers), universities and local authorities. The project collaborators will contribute to the project with equipment, know-how, manpower, access to network links etc. Pursuing ambitious goals such as providing the end-users with up to 100 Mbps access, the Test-bed project is expected to attract massive investments.

The Test-bed project is an open initiative, which is also available to international participants through the 6th framework EU projects and other means.

The program has been planned as a long-term activity on a national scale and is receiving support from the Swedish government through VINNOVA. First round funding of 25 MSEK from VINNOVA is ready and continued financing of the same order is expected.

The project has become possible through an agreement between Acreo AB and Ericsson AB in which the optical networks research laboratory of Ericsson (ONER) has been transferred to Acreo. Hereby Acreo is extending its well-established competence in fiber optics, opto-electronics and micro systems technologies with the added core competence in the area of optical transmission and networking systems.

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