Adam Dunkels awarded Roger Needham Prize

8 April, 2008 - 23:13

Dr. Adam Dunkels, senior scientist at SICS, was awarded the 2008
Roger Needham award for his doctoral thesis "Programming Memory-Constrained
Networked Embedded Systems
" at a ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland,
on April 3, 2008. The prize sum is 2000 EUR, donated by Microsoft Research. The
EuroSys Roger Needham award is given annually to a European doctoral thesis
that is “regarded to be an exceptional, innovative contribution to knowledge in
the systems area”. The prize is named after the British computer scientist
Roger Needham, who did fundamental contributions to computer security.

Dr. Adam Dunkels is well known in the embedded systems
community for his software and programming mechanisms that are used by hundreds
of companies in embedded devices ranging from satellites and airplanes to
network switches and TV production equipment. His software and programming
mechanisms forms the basis of his doctoral thesis. The award jury specifically
appreciated that Dr. Dunkels’ thesis combines advanced systems development,
development of new programming concepts, and a high publication impact with far-reaching
industrial adoption of his research results.

"The 2008 Roger Needham award not only recognizes my
research results, but also highlights the importance of networked embedded
systems as a research area," says Dr. Adam Dunkels. "Ninety-eight percent of
all microprocessors sold today are used in embedded systems and the number of
low-power wireless systems is growing rapidly. Staying ahead in this field is
very important for the competitive advantage of European industry."

In February 2008, Dr. Adam Dunkels received the Chester
Carlson prize for his work on Interner-connectivity for embedded systems.

Adam Dunkels
is 29 years old and has been a researcher at SICS since
2000. He is born and raised in the town of Luleå, Sweden,
and did his undergraduate studies at Luleå University of Technology prior to
joining SICS. He wrote is PhD thesis at SICS and received his PhD degree from Mälardalen University in 2007. He lives with his
wife and three children outside of Stockholm,

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Contact: Adam Dunkels (, adam [at], +46 8 633 1614, Staffan Truvé, CEO SICS (, truve [at], +46 70 593 38 85, Eno Thereska, Microsoft Research and EuroSys (etheres [at], +44-1223-479700).

Photo by Lars Geiger