Audio Mostly 2008 - bigger, better, louder!

11 November, 2008 - 15:54

Sonic Studio’s unique Audio-focused conference returned to Piteå inOctober, after its sojourn to Franhofer in Germany last year. The first event was in Pitea 2006 and was designed to fill the need for aconference focused on interactive sound and sound in games. With 60 attendees from 12 countries, the conference reflected a wideningglobal interest for the power and flexibility of sound as a design andcommunication tool. This is a development that the conference itself hascontributed to, by encouraging networking and promoting research into soundas an emotional trigger.The growing international profile of the conference was reflected in thekeynote speakers. Nick Laviers, Audio Director from Electronic Arts, LA,revealed the processes behind applying sound and music to a triple Acommercial game. In contrast, Professor Stephen Brewster from GlasgowUniversity, a pioneer in the use of sound as an icon (earcons) and active incutting edge Human Computer Interaction, showed a number of examples offuture interface solutions.   During the conference the participants had the opportunity to both listen toacademic presentations, participate in a creative workshop and tryapplications themselves during a social networking session.