Come join us on "Much, Many and Open" -The Future of Networked Systems!

12 October, 2012 - 10:26

Scandic Victoria Tower, Kista, October 24th, 2012

Networked Systems are at the heart of services, products and entertainment, whether it is Internet banking, factory automation or smart phone apps. They live under the challenges and opportunities from the trends Much: vast amounts of digital data, Many: increasing number of connected devices, and Open: standardised and open interfaces. SICS Center for Networked Systems invites to a conference on October 24th, where center research and results are presented and discussed. Meet the researchers from SICS, Ericsson, ABB, Saab SDS, T2 data, Vendolocus, Peerialism, TeliaSonera, KTH, Mälardalen University and Uppsala University, and see some of the world's most forefront research within networked systems.  

Keynote Speaker, Johan Wahlberg, SVT

On the road to a hybrid world of TV and web - challenges and lessons.

SVT has gone from a traditional broadcaster to a leading media company and trend setter regarding on demand in Sweden. Johan will share some lessons learned since the early days of web streaming and upcoming challenges as TV is no longer just one screen and broadcast.

About Johan: After a Bachelor of Arts in Radio-TV from University of Houston, Johan joined SVT in 1995 as video editor at Västnytt in Gothenburg. In 1997 he started working with web sites at SVT and over the years has held different positions within the interactive area. Since 2010 he is Head of Distribution Strategy working with questions regarding both broadcast and internet distribution.

The Big Picture: 4 talks giving you an idea of the big movements.

Trustworthy VM Launch and Migration in Public Clouds, Christian Gehrmann, SICS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud is a fast growing business model. One of the main obstacles for further growth is lack of security guarantees from the resource provider with respect to the offered computing resources. In this talk we discuss how Trusted Computing techniques can be used to offer such guarantees when launching and migrating virtual machines in IaaS clouds.

Towards robabilistic management, Daniel Gillblad, SICS

With the increasing scale and heterogeneity of future networks, development of algorithms that are capable of autonomously managing and exploiting the inherent uncertainty and network variability in a self-adaptive manner becomes critical. We propose a complete probabilistic approach to network management that will result in a much more efficient, scalable, agile, and resilient network operation.

Information-centric networking, Bengt Ahlgren, SICS

Information-centric networking (ICN) is an approach to building a future network infrastructure based on communication of named data. In contrast, today's infrastructure is based on communication between named devices.  The approach is motivated from content distribution as the clearly dominating use of current networks.

Wireless sensor networks: past, present, and future, Thiemo Voigt, SICS

Wireless sensor networks have changed from stand-alone environmental monitoring applications using proprietary protocols to standard-based systems that often are integrated into some infrastructure. This talks look at the past, present and future of sensor networks.


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