Contiki 2.2 Released

12 July, 2008 - 20:22

The Contiki project is happy to announce the release of version 2.2 of the Contiki operating system! Contiki is a memory-efficient low-power open source operating system for tiny networked embedded systems. Contiki both has native TCP/IP support and the Rime low-power radio communication stack:

Contiki 2.2 brings a set of new features: the shell has been much improved and now supports network-level commands, low-power radio networking, sensor data collection, and power profiling; Coffee, a new flash ROM-based file system; contiki-collect: a program for collecting and displaying sensor data from the network; a network time synchronization mechanism; the Chameleon architecture that separates protocol headers from protocol logic; the LPP experimental power-saving MAC protocol.The 2.2 release contains ports to MSP430, x86, 6502, and Z80-based platforms, in particular the Tmote Sky / TelosB and the ESB wireless sensor network boards. The 2.2 release also contains the COOJA network simulator that speeds up software development and assists in the study and evaluation of communication protocols, and the Instant Contikidevelopment environment: a complete Contiki development environment in a single-file download.Download from the Contiki web site: