Dogan Yazar received Bengt Asker award for best Master Thesis

21 October, 2010 - 11:17

Dogan Yazar was awarded for best MSc thesis in
the area of embedded and real-time systems. The award was given at
Embedded Conference Scandinavia, held at Stockholmsmässan. Along with
receiving the award, Dogan gave a lecture on his thesis.

The Bengt Asker award is awarded by SNART, the Swedish National
Real-Time Association, and has been given out every year since 1997. As
part of the award, Dogan is given a prize sum of 10000 SEK.

Dogan's thesis, RESTful Wireless Sensor Networks, presents an implementation and evaluation of the the concept of using, Respresentational State Transfer (REST), the architecture of the World Wide Web, for wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things. Dogan's results show that a RESTful architecture is feasible and efficient for power-constrained sensor network nodes. These results are important as the field turns towards standardization and commercial adoption.

The results have been published in a paper at ACM BuildSys 2009, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2009, in Berkeley, California, USA in November 2009 [1] and become the basis for a demonstration at IEEE/ACM IPSN 2010, in Stockholm, Sweden in April 2010 [2].

Dogan's work was done as part of the Promos, SICSlowpan, and SmartPower projects at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Thesis advisor was Adam Dunkels, SICS, and univerisity examiner was Per Gunningberg, Uppsala University.


Dogan Yazar and Adam Dunkels.
Efficient Application Integration in IP-based Sensor Networks.
In Proceedings of ACM BuildSys 2009, the First ACM Workshop On
Embedded Sensing Systems For Energy-Efficiency In Buildings
Berkeley, CA,
USA, November 2009.


Dogan Yazar, Nicolas Tsiftes, Fredrik Österlind, Niclas Finne, Joakim
and Adam Dunkels.
Demo abstract: Augmenting reality with IP-based sensor networks.
In Proceedings of the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on
Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2010)
, Stockholm,
April 2010.

Photo. Joel Höglund