ExtremeCom 2009 arranged in Padjelanta National Park, August 8-14, 2009.

3 March, 2009 - 12:05

 Call for papers

The Extreme Workshop on Communication (ExtremeCom) intends to bring
together researchers and practitioners in areas related to delay
tolerant networks and other networking paradigms for rural and remote
areas, in order to gain experience and insight into the challenges that
such environments pose for the network and the users.

We aim to do this through real-life experience in the Arctic Circle region. The Padjelanta national park
in Laponia, Sweden is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the home of the
Saami population of semi-nomadic reindeer herders. Due to the lack of
infrastructure in this area, a DTN-based networking system for the area
has been developed by the SNC and N4C projects. During the summer of
2009, the fourth summer of deployment and testing for this system will
take place, which makes this a unique opportunity to experience a real
deployment of a DTN system.

The workshop will start with a 5 day field
trip into the mountain regions where the DTN system is deployed. During
this time, participants will be given the opportunity to hike along the
trails in the mountains and visit the Saami settlements to meet the
local population and users of the system. Not only will this give a
better idea of both the technical and user requirements of such a
system, but it will also give many opportunities for informal research
discussions between the participants. Participants that have their own
software for scenarios like this will also, to as great an extent as
possible, be encouraged to test and demonstrate it within this
environment. (We are currently planning the mountain-based part of the
workshop together with the local population, and some details are
subject to change.)

Upon reaching the end of the hike, there
will be two days of paper presentations and demos in a more traditional
conference venue. Focus will still be on informal research discussions,
with the hope that the field experience will give participants the
ability to discuss the topics in a new light.

 For more information, please see the workshop website.