Fruitful ”II-Day” in Piteå

15 May, 2009 - 14:08

The ”II-Day ” in Piteå that took place 12th of May gathered almost 50 people from the Interactive Institute.


The program started with a presentation from Staffan Truvé, CEO of Interactive Institute who talked about Interactive Institute´s vision, mission and strategical goals. Truvés presentation was followed by presentations from Katarina Delsing, Studio Director for Sonic Studio; Oskar Juhlin, Studio Director for Mobile Life; Johan Redström, Design Director / Senior Researcher and Ottar Carlheim-Gyllensköld, Business Developer.

Between the presentations we got a guided tour in the Acusticum building by Nina Sjömark, Site Manager of Acusticum.

The presentations brought up many thoughts and generated fruitful discussions after the presentations, here at Piteå Stadshotell.

In the evening a fantastic buffé was served at Valdinos night club followed by 2 live bands and a great DJ.



Text and photos by: Tina Finnäs