Interactive Institute, Energy Design is seeking a post-graduate researcher/project manager

22 April, 2010 - 07:28

Interactive Institute in Eskilstuna will recruit a post-graduate researcher/project manager within IT, Design or Energy, on a part-time basis. The position is temporary for six month, but there is a possibility to extend the contract. In collaboration with the rest of the team, the person is expected to initiate new projects in our research field (IT, Design and Energy) and to formulate as well as coordinate national and international research applications. We are looking for a person with a PhD related to our research field, with experience from writing applications.If you are interested please contact:Studio Director Carin Torstensson, carin.torstensson [at], 016-133533, 0702-443533 orResearch Director Cecilia Katzeff, cecilia.katzeff [at], 016-133533, 070919 81 91