International prize Cor Baayen Award 2011 to Luca Mottola

14 October, 2011 - 11:21

Luca Mottola, senior researcher at SICS, has received the 2011 Cor Baayen Award. See  Pressrelease from SICS in Swedish.The prestigious prize is awarded annually by ERCIM to a promising young scientists in Europe with outstanding results in computer science and applied mathematics.  ERCIM is the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. The award ceremony will be held at the ERCIM annual gala dinner in November.

From the ERCIM site: Luca Mottola's research focuses on wireless sensor networks, and their programming in particular. These are key components in the Internet of Things vision. Luca is among the few researchers able to claim the design of high-level programming abstractions successfully used in real deployments. His programming systems are used in challenging real-world scenarios, for example in safety critical control systems in road tunnels.Luca received his PhD degree at Politecnico di Milano, Italy with the thesis "Programming Wireless Sensor Networks: From Physical to Logical Neighborhoods" in 2008. Since then his work has gained international recognition with several awards. Luca's expertise in wireless sensor networks extends beyond programming. Over time, his research has broadened to embrace a number of diverse topics, from theoretical work on distributed algorithms to formal verification of embedded software and investigations on MAC protocols and low-power wireless.Luca's results represent a paradigmatic example of how the research activity in a field may have direct real-world impact. The specific field Luca is focusing on holds great potential, as it represents a fundamental building block of the "Internet of Things" vision.  The Cor Baayen Award was established in 1995 to honor the first president of ERCIM, Cor Baayen. The prize is 5000 euros. Since 1995, five SICS researchers have received the price. This year's prize will be awarded in Berlin, Germany November 10, 2011. More information: