IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance Targets the "Internet of Things", articles in Converge Network Digest and other sources

19 September, 2008 - 16:58

new IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance has been formed with a mission
to promote IP as the networking technology best suited for connecting
sensor- and actuator-equipped or "smart" objects and delivering
information gathered by those objects......Founding members
of the IPSO Alliance are Arch Rock, Atmel, Cimetrics, Cisco, Duke
Energy, Dust Networks, EDF R&D, eka systems, Emerson, Freescale, IP
Infusion, Jennic, Kinney Consulting, Nivis, PicosNet, Proto6, ROAM,
SAP, Sensinode, SICS, Silver Spring Networks, Sun Microsystems, Tampere
University, Watteco and Zensys."

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Also see the homepage of Contiki,
IP for small, smart objects developed by Adam Dunkels at SICS. Adam is
a member of the IPSO Alliance's technical board.