"Jade, a framework to build autonomic systems", seminar by Noel de Palma.

18 February, 2008 - 10:57

Time and place: SICS, room Knuth, February 20th 2008 at 15:00

Autonomic computing is a promising solution to ever-increasing
system complexity and to the costs of human system management as
systems scale to global proportions. Autonomic system contain feedback
loop that provides continual monitoring and, as needed, automatic
reconfiguration of the systems. Autonomic systems have to provide these
features :

- Self-configuration : the system configure itself.
- Self-healing : the system is able to repair itself in the case of failure.
- Self-optimization : the system continually try to optimize it performances.
- Self-protection : the system knows itself and is able to protect itself from attacker.

For this purpose Jade is build using a reflexive component model.
Our current target application domain is that of clustered J2EE
applications and Message-Oriented middleware. These applications rely
on very complex software (e.g. Apache, Tomcat, Jonas, Mysql, JMS
server). We have made some experiments related to self-optimization,
self-healing and self-protection with these use cases showing the
interest of the approach.

Noel de Palma is a resaercher at Inria-Sardes and guest researcher at SICS Dec 07-Sept 08.