Joakim Fröberg invited speaker at the international conference Functional Safety for Non-road ehicles and Mobile Machinery

21 March, 2016 - 11:01

Joakim Fröberg is one of the invited speakers at the conference Functional Safety for Non-road ehicles and Mobile Machinery in Berlin, Germany. This is the 4th time the international conference is held and Joakim will be speaking about Designing for functional safety in a system architecture for an autonomous machine.

As systems become more productive and technologies advance, securing that a machine operates correctly in response to its inputs as well as likely operator errors and hardware failures becomes a growing challenge. In order to provide structured guidance and tools to aid manufacturers and system developers in the design and assessment of machine safety the international community developed standards, that aimed at being advantageous in terms of cost, time and resource efficiency as well as effective deployment. But their benefit and usefulness is still pulled into question.

This is the only conference attending to the topic of functional safety in respect to non-road vehicles and mobile machinery alone and thereby focuses on this industry’s peculiarities. In doing so the conference aims to support the market in optimal functional safety management. It presents new technological developments that influence safety engineering and pinpoints misalignment's in current safety standards for non-road mobile machinery.