Leif Ljungqvist appointed new CEO of Acreo Swedish ICT

19 February, 2013 - 08:58

Leif Ljungqvist has been appointed to succeed Marten Armgarth as Acreo´s new CEO. Leif has been the manager of Acreo´s department Printed Electronics since 2007. Before that, he held senior positions within organizational development, sales and marketing, primarily in B2B but also for consumer brands. In between positions, Leif has run his own companies.

- Mr Ljungqvist´s professionalism, creativity and experience of research institutes opportunities and challenges were crucial in the decision. But also the fact that he successfully turned former Imego, today Acreo´s department Sensor Systems, says Hans Hentzell, CEO Swedish ICT. 

Leif Ljungqvist has been proactive in developing Acreo´s new business area, Life Science, and coordinates the national Research and Innovation agenda "Smarter Electronic Systems for Sweden".

- I am both glad and honored to have the opportunity to manage an excellent and relevant Research institute as Acreo Swedish ICT, says Leif Ljungqvist.


Leif Ljungqvist has an MBA and will enter his position 1 March 2013.