Marie Denward's doctor's degree conferred

23 September, 2012 - 18:22

Interactive Institute's Marie Denward had her doctor's degree in Philosophy conferred at Malmö University, Faculty of Culture and Society. This happened at the university's annual celebration at Malmö Concert Hall on the 21st of September. Congratulations, Marie!Marie Denward defended her thesis in Media and communication Studies last October. She studied and analyzed a hybrid media production and the occurring media convergence between television drama and games activities that the producers, Swedish Television and The company P, created. Denward showed that the media used have differing logics, like differing work processes, views of the audience and interaction models, which obstructed the collaborative production process and that in turn had great impact on the interaction with the audience participating. Her work gives valuable insight into the problems media industries may meet when collaborating on hybrid productions. The latest Swedish Television production in the area is The Spiral, a current transmedia storytelling production that audiences in several European countries may follow right now.

Her thesis can be downloaded here: Pretend that it is Real! Convergence Culture in Practice