Markus Bohlin Docent at Mälardalen University

13 August, 2013 - 16:01

Markus Bohlin today gave his Docent lecture at Mälardalen University:

Industrial analytics - a set of challenging cases

Analyzing fault code data, allocating resources, and scheduling tasks and movements of goods in industrial processes -- these are all complex analytics activities, which are carried out daily all over the world. But can they be automated? Using computers to aid in the automation of such processes would yield substantial benefits, and have therefore long been considered the silver bullet of operations research and management science. However, the ability to solve analytics tasks automatically is not enough -- to be ready for deployment, the quality of produced solutions must be adequate, and the solution time itself must be reasonable. Furthermore, these properties should hold for a wide variety of situations.

The docent lecture covers the application of analytics for a set of industrial cases in maintenance, railway logistics, and embedded system verification, with a particular focus on prescriptive analytics and optimization problems. SICS and MDH have performed applied research in this area for more than 15 years. The lecture will consider the most recent results for the cases considered, and give an overview of future challenges that should be addressed. The overarching research goal is to develop core methods from industrial analytics into mature, scalable and cost-efficient techniques, which can readily be applied to a range of industrial automation problems in logistics and embedded systems.