New Book on the Internet of Things by Adam Dunkels, SICS

8 June, 2010 - 22:47

Many see the Internet of Things as the digital revolution of the 21st century. A new book, Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP - The Next Internet, authored by JP Vasseur, Cisco Systems, and Adam Dunkels, SICS, with foreword by Vint Cerf, often called the father of the Internet, is the first book to take a comprehensive approach to the architecture, technology, and application of the upcoming Internet of Things.

“The authors of this book offer a rich and thoughtful
exploration of this new Internet canvas on which the 21st Century will unfold. Prediction
will be hard; we are all just goingto have to live through it to find out what happens!”

- Vinton Cerf, Internet Pioneer

We are standing before the digital revolution of the 21st century: smart objects – the Internet of Things – that interconnect the digital world with the physical world. Industry predicts the number of smart objects to be counted in tens of billions within the next ten years. Over the course of the forthcoming decade, we will see this fundamentally change the way we interact with both the digital and the physical world.

Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP, written by Jean-Phillippe Vasseur and Adam Dunkels and just published by Morgan Kaufmann, is the first book to take a holistic approach to the revolutionary area of IP-based smart objects. The book focuses on the architecture of smart objects networking as well as the hardware, software, and protocols for smart objects. It also provides case studies on how and where smart objects are being used today and in the future: the smart grid, industrial automation, smart cities, home and building automation, structural health monitoring, and container tracking. Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP covers the fundamentals of IP communication for smart objects, IPv6, and web services, as well as several newly specified low-power IP standards such as the IETF 6LoWPAN adaptation layer and the RPL routing protocol. This book contains essential information not only for the technical reader but also for policy makers and decision makers in the area of smart objects both for private IP networks and the Internet.

There are already plenty of positive reviews accumulating for Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP:

David Mohler, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Office of Duke Energy said, "JP Vasseur and Adam Dunkels have written an important and timely guide to the rapidly developing field of smart technologies and the Internet. This book provides a clear picture of key technical issues that areuseful to both the expert and layman. As we continue to build out the smart grid, the‘electric internet,’ I predict this book will become required reading for electric utility smart grid teams."

Dr. Feng Zhao, Assistant Managing Director, Microsoft Research Asia, said, "This book is a very valuable source for researchers and practitioners interested in reading up on the Internet of Things and Smart Objects. It provides a comprehensive treatment to the architecture and networking of smart objects using IP as well as application domains that can greatly benefit from the technology. I highly recommend it."

Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP will serve as a great resource for networking and wireless engineers and researchers with functions or titles that include communication engineer, network architect, network designer, systems engineer, network operator, and network engineer. CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and product managers at service companies will also find its contents relevant and useful.

Key Features:

  • Demonstrates how connecting smart objects impacts our lives with practical implementation examples and detailed case studies
  • Provides an in-depth understanding of the technological and architectural aspects underlying smart objects technology
  • Examines relevant IP protocols to build large-scale smart object networks in support of a myriad of new services

About the Authors:

Jean-Philippe Vasseur
is a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems. He is the co-chair of the ROLL working group in the IETF and the chair of technology advisory board in the IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance. Vasseur has co-authored a number of RFCs on IP routing, MPLS, Traffic Engineering and Smart Object networks.

Adam Dunkels
, PhD, is a senior researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. He is the well-known author of the Contiki operating system and the uIP and lwIP embedded IP stacks. In 2009, MIT Technology Review named him a Top 35 Innovator under 35 for his work on IP for smart objects.