Nobel Prize winners research important base for new centre

14 December, 2000 - 10:00

Nobel Prize winners research important base for new centre

2000-12-14  A new centre for organic informatics is being established in Norrköping, Sweden. The presentation of the establishment is held when this years Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Alan J Heeger, Alan G MacDiarmid and Hideki Shirakawa, are visiting ACREO. The research of the Nobel Prize winners is an important base for the new establishment.

- This is fascinating - real science fiction, says Alan MacDiarmid after the ACREO presentation.

(Picture showing: Michael Lögdlund, Magnus Berggren, Per Dannetun, Alan Heeger. Hideki Shirakawa, Alan MacDiarmid, and Mårten Armgarth)

- COIN - Centre for Organic Informatics - is a strategic development of our knowledge and competence within the area of electronic and optics, says Hans Hentzell, director manager of ACREO.

COIN is now being established at ACREO and Linköping University. The outstanding research activity in organic and polymer electronics in Linköping-Norrköping area is gathered and supported by the COIN. Also, the task for the centre will be to spinoff promising development concepts, of this research field, into companies. Interesting areas for these electronic materials are information-processing, -displaying and -storing. This "informatics" approach is today attracting support from many companies and funding world-wide. For example, one can think of displays and communication electronics produced on flexible materials.

Today more than 80 people are active in the research field in the region.

COIN is supported by Norrköpings Kommun and Sydkraft through a foundation which is being formed.

- The establishing of COIN expresses the strength and the attraction of Acreo and the research at Linköping University. This is a very important step for Norrköping which even more secures our leading position as strong region of electronics, says Gunnel Gennebäck, chairman of the Municipality Executive Board in Norrköping.

An example of COIN activity is the PAELLA project. PAELLA stands for "PAper ELectronics Low-cost Applications". The goal of this project is to let paper become electronically active. AGFA-Gevaert and ITAB recently joined the PAELLA project at ACREO. The research and development activity at ACREO laboratory in this field is greatly enhanced having AGFA-GEVAERT and ITAB as partners. Today, also SCA, Tetra Pak, MoDo Paper, Stora Enso and NUTEK are supporting thecurrent activity in the PAELLA-project at the ACREO-laboratory in Norrköping.

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