Open position for Master Thesis work: IoT Monitoring and Analysis System

20 May, 2014 - 10:52

We regularly offer thesis projects for Master students at SICS. We are primarily interested in students studying computer science, computer science and engineering, and information and communication technology at universities in Sweden.

If you are interested in the project below, you are welcome to send us an application. An application should contain the following information.  (1) Your CV; (2) record of your completed courses and grades; (3) a report or similar text in English as an example of your writing skills. Please find more details here.

Master Thesis Project: Internet of Things Monitoring and Analysis System

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be more and more present in our everyday lives. Objects are progressively becoming smart objects: smartTVs, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. These heterogeneous objects have more computing power, and have the ability to collect data, to communicate with each other, and to access the Internet.

Mobile cloud computing leverages the unique advantages of heterogeneous devices in the IoT, sharing their computing power and collected data to locally collaborate in processing tasks they could not achieve individually, and create an ambient intelligence. Examples of applications found in the literature include
distributed image processing, crowd sourcing and computing, sensor data sharing, social networking, or context recognition.

Sensors embedded in smart objects can generate a large amount of data, this Big Data has to be stored, potentially remotely in a cloud. To communicate with each other, the basic model is envisioned to be client-server, i.e., each IoT device acts as a data server, and transmits the data to another device acting as a client, which can in its turn act as a server of that data.

Computational offloading, also known as cyber foraging, has greatly evolved over the last few years. Recent examples of research works include making devices offload code to remote cloud resources and to other devices.

This master thesis can also be done as an internship if requested. It includes:

  • Compiling a survey on available tools and approaches to share data and computational tasks.
  • Setting up a simple experimental network of smart objects, and implement an efficient data collection and monitoring architecture.
  • Explore context recognition and collaborative mechanisms.

Dr Fehmi Ben Abdesslem (SICS Swedish ICT) and Dr Anders Lindgren (SICS Swedish ICT & Luleå University of Technology).

The length, start date and precise technical content of the internship are negotiable. Apply before May 29th 2014.