Open source release of TIL - Tcl ICE Library

6 June, 2006 - 00:00

The ICE lab has made available the Tcl Ice Library - TIL for download on sourceforge and created a full-fledge project around it.

TIL is a collection of Tcl-only libraries and utilities of general type. Most of these libraries and utilities originates from a number of projects where interaction was a key issue and where the applications being developed and deployed would run continuously for days and, thus, need to perform some level of introspection to check the liveness of the system in question.

In general, TIL has three major goals:

  1. Facilitate the development, deployment and surveillance of Tcl-based distributed applications and systems.
  2. Suppress the discrepancies between UNIX and Windows when it comes to administration and deployment.
  3. Demonstrate a design principle that consists in writing network-aware simple components.
    These components handle a single and well-defined task and an application consists of several of these components, assembled on one or several machines.

The Tcl community seems to welcome the TIL, it was highlighted as project of the week at the time of release.