Opinion poll on data collection with Markus Bylund as expert adviser

11 March, 2015 - 12:07

Recently, the opinion poll Delade meningar (in English, Differens of opinion) was published by Insight Intelligence. The poll investigates Swedes' attitudes towards collection of data from individuals, and protection of that data. On the one hand, it shows that people in Sweden have a negative attitude about increased collection of data in general. On the other hand, people are positive about sharing personal information if they receive an adequate explanation regarding what and why it is being collected.

Markus Bylund at SICS Swedish ICT has contributed to the execution of the poll as an expert adviser.

Media coverage of the poll can be found at: Resumé, IDG, Göteborgsposten, Norran, Hallandsposten, Hudiksvalls tidning, Ljusdalsposten and Söderhamnskuriren.

The poll is available for download in swedish here.