PIMM is mentioned in an article about if we need 5G

30 October, 2017 - 14:35

"In a gold mine hundreds of feet below the boreal forests of northern Sweden, Ericsson AB is seeking the answer to an existential question: Does anyone really want 5G wireless service? The troubled telecommunications equipment maker, suffering as sales of 4G technology falter, has bet its future on the fifth generation of mobile, which is expected to link billions of devices to the internet with connections fast enough to transfer a feature film in less than a second. But even with initial 5G standards poised to be determined next year, no one is sure what applications and services will make customers hand over the billions of dollars the systems will cost to construct. “We need to explore this to understand what we’ll use it for,” says Peter de Bruin, an Ericsson engineer who designed the prototype 5G network the company built in the Kankberg mine, 500 miles north of Stockholm. “The benefits of such fast download speeds aren’t really obvious.”"

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