Post to the Cloud directly from your IPv6 Sensors (NOTE: on the Intranet until tomorrow!)

5 June, 2012 - 19:33

To celebrate the World IPv6 launch, SICS is making available a Contiki cloud tutorial. In this tutorial, the very vision of the Internet of Things comes true: we provide you with most of the bits and pieces to start posting your sensor data directly to the cloud, using services such as cosm,, nimbits or thingspeak. The tutorial demonstrates the power of the end-to-end principle and how cloud services can complement sensors by off-loading all number crunching operations and empower sensor-based applications. IPv6 is key to the success of application mashups, leveraging not only the data from your sensors, but also from your neighbours whenever necessary and relevant!

This tutorial has been sponsored by me3gas and enbygg, two projects in which IPv6-enabled sensor networks are deployed for longer period of time and where sensors are continuously posting data to the cloud.