Public release of Pervasive Interactive Mobile Platform (PIMP)

13 February, 2008 - 17:22

The first public release of Public release of Pervasive Interactive Mobile Platform (PIMP) is now available the PIMP website.

PIMP is a Java library that can be used to build distributed applications. The focus is on distributed ubiquitous computing applications, supporting various devices, typically also including sensor and actuator hardware. The conceptual model behind it focuses on making the whole system understandable by an end-user. This is accomplished by encapsulating functionality in an object oriented manner, declaring the obvious dependencies and by supporting rapid and simple re-configurability.

The motivations behind the design come from observations in many projects involving end users in the design of ubiquitous computing services and applications. These kinds of applications become artifacts in a living environment and thus needs to adapt to both a changing environment and the users using it. With PIMP we want to show that this is possible to solve by empowering the user and allow him or her to change the system to his or her needs.

PIMP was used to realize both the Momentum and Interference games as well as the Location Box. Furthermore it has been used in ERG to create the water kettle demonstrator.