Results of Mobile Life - 10 years of inspiration

31 October, 2017 - 14:50

Mobile Life Excellence Centre has published its final report with results from ten years of intense research and collaboration between research and industrial partners and the public sector. The overall vision for Mobile Life has been to create a society where happiness, playfulness and creativity are important factors in peoples’ everyday lives. Through the ten years of research, the centre has become a strong voice advocating a human centred focus on digitalisation – focusing on what makes a good life for all. More importantly, it has provided a path to how this can be done – in its design processes, in its tools, in new business models, and in how to approach studies of life styles in change.

The Mobile Life Way of engaging in design-led exploration of novel technology, based on social science, art, design thinking, aesthetics and value-based concerns, is a unique approach that has rendered results that will continue to inspire.

The centre operated 2007-2017 as a joint venture between its research partners, industrial partners and public sector partners, with funding from the Swedish governmental funding agency Vinnova.


See the report and much more about Mobile Life.