RISE SICS Spinoff Gavagai receives entrepreneur prize

16 October, 2017 - 08:46


At RISE SICS we are very proud of all our spin-offs, and eager to follow their journeys. 
Gavagai was formed in 2007 as a spin-off from SICS by Jussi Karlgren and Magnus Sahlgren and lately we have been reading about how the technology can be applied in areas from helping to understand dolphins, to making sence from web chatter data in the social SenceMaking tool.

Now the team has received the entrepreneur prize from Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Swedish Lunch in Davos.

At the award ceremony, Gavagai gave a special thanks to RISE SICS and to the Japanese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MITI), which in 1992 launched a massive and visionary research program, called Real World Computing, with the objective to pursue the technical realization of humanlike flexible and intelligent information processing. 

In his acceptance speech, Gavagai's CEO said that: "Gavagai's technology would not exist had it not been for many years of groundbreaking research at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science" (today RISE SICS).

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