See video of remote interactive stroke rehabilitation

22 April, 2016 - 15:50


To enhance recovery after stroke, rehabilitation needs to start early and be followed by continuous and recurrent long-term interventions in the clinic and/or the home setting. However, to provide equal access to rehabilitation in a growing stroke population is a challenge.

In a cooperation between Robotdalen/Mälardalen Ubiversity, SICS Swedish ICT, Danderyd Hospital, Alkit Communications and IUS Innovation this project has developed an ICT concept for remote stroke rehabilitation. The developed concept has a strong foundation in user needs both with respect to patients and physiotherapists, and it is based on evidence-based training programs and follow-up models. The solution will make rehabilitation available to more patients, regardless of their place of residence and allow more patients to be rehabilitated by the same physiotherapist.

Equipment is placed both in the patient’s home and at the clinic. The set-up in the patient’s home is a large screen, a computer, a Kinect sensor, and a speaker/microphone. At the clinic the physiotherapist uses a computer, a web camera and a headset. The patient have access to a number of computer based personalized exercises that have been chosen by the physiotherapists through the web interface for planning and follow-up. The system also provides the possibility to video communication between the patient and the physiotherapist. Rehabilitation using this system will be a mixture of real-time video supported exercises together with the physiotherapist and with the patient conducting exercises on his/her own.