SICS and friends at Jfokus

15 February, 2016 - 15:34


Jfokus, Sweden’s largest developers’ conference, was started up by SICS, Sun and CIBER in 2007 with the premier purpose to support Swedish developers. This year it celebrated its 10:th conference on February 8-10 with yet a hugely successful event. Jfokus 2016 was sold out two weeks before the event and attracted more than 1700 participants, speakers and exhibitors from around the world. SICS Swedish ICT is still a part of the team that organizes Jfokus and we also had a Internet of Things lab together with Interactive Institute and SP where Jfokus participants got the opportunity to test the latest IoT technology.

Jfokus is the largest annual conference for everyone who works with software development in Sweden. Developers get together and everybody has a chance to be taught directly by the experts and interact with peers in an engaging informal environment. Since 5 years, Jfokus IoT – a conference with focus on Internet of Things – has been a part of the event.

As part of the Jfokus Internet of Things, a game "The Vacuum Cleaning Fight" was set up as a proof of concept of the Open Energy Playground platform, which aims at prototyping smart energy services in less than a day.