SICS and Swedish ICT program partners in Digital Health Days 21-22 Aug.

13 August, 2013 - 14:16

Digital Health Days is new arena where ICT meets Life Science to shape the future healthcare agenda. Two days of inspiring seminars, challenging discussions and hands-on workshops.

Digital Health Days Stockholm 2013 will focus on Mobile solutions, Big data in healthcare and in bioscientific research and Gamification – games for health. Listen to expert perspectives and join the discussion on different aspects of how we can improve health and well-being in a connected society, where data, people and health interact in new ways. Discussions will be led by Ola Ahlvarsson, serial entrepreneur and founder of SIME.

Swedish ICT is a program partner and will lead workshops in all three focus areas:


Here we will explore how to connect ordinary objects with cell phones just by touching them. We will present a new, fully integrated, printed biosensor, and we will demonstrate a platform for diagnosing neurological diseases based on movement analysis. All innovative sensor-based solutions are focused on applications in distributed healthcare, sustainable living and security.

Time: 21 August, 14.00-14:45
Presenters: Petronella Norberg, Jan Wipenmyr and Peter Dyreklev, senior scientists, Acreo Swedih ICT
Moderator: Henrik Ahlén


During 90 intense minutes you are given the opportunity to dig deeper into the actual use of gamification and learn the do’s and don’ts. Workshop leaders Peter Ljungstrand and Staffan Björk from Interactive Institute Swedish ICT will guide us through challenges and cases. When is gamification useful to bring about behavioral change and what are the applications for health services? How would gamification fit into your business and how do you create a long-term relationship with your users? Our invited guest speakers will reflect on the challenges and you will get the chance to work with hands-on exercises.

Time: 21 August, 13:00-14:30
Workshop leaders: Peter Ljungstrand and Staffan Björk from Interactive Institute Swedish ICT


How can valuable information be extracted from the vast and ever increasing amount of health data and biological information? What new methods and business processes are developed in the era of computational health? Which applications are useful for the life science sector. Computational aspects are rapidly becoming increasingly important and new research fields such as computational medicine and computational epidemiology are emerging at a fast pace. During this workshop real world cases of computational health are discussed as well as the benefits of new methods, tests, and business processes.

Time: 21 August, 15.00-15:45
Workshop leader: Magnus Boman SICS Swedish ICT/EIT ICT Labs

Location: Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm

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