SICS criticial of data retention law investigation

28 August, 2015 - 09:51

Earlier this year, SICS Swedish ICT was commissioned, by the Ministry of Justice, to submit a comment on the investigation of the Data Retention legislation in Sweden. SICS’ internal group has written a critical review.

The investigation fails to take into account the need for proportionality as requested by the European Court of Justice: There is no assessment of the negative impact on privacy in relation to the retained data.

Another problem is that technology develops over time so that the meaning of the fixed set of categories in the data retention law changes over time. It is even hard to determine what is actually retained within a specific category.

Finally, there is no consideration of the fact that retention itself is a violation of privacy, and opens up for leaks and abuse.

We hope that the government takes these considerations into account in the forthcoming process of upgrading the law.