SICS Researchers Get Best Paper and Runner-Up Awards at EWSN 2014

23 February, 2014 - 21:49

At the recent 11th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, EWSN 2014, held Feb 17-19 in Oxford, UK, the Best Paper Award went to a paper co-authored by SICS researcher Liam McNamara:

All is not Lost: Understanding and Exploiting Packet Corruption in Outdoor Sensor Networks Frederik Hermans; Hjalmar Wennerström; Liam JJ McNamara; Christian Rohner; Per Gunningberg (Uppsala University, Sweden)

The Best Paper Runner-Up went to a paper co-authored by SICS researchers Nicolas Tsiftes and Thiemo Voigt:

Efficient and Flexible Sensornet Checkpointing Andreas Löscher (Uppsala University, Sweden); Nicolas Tsiftes; Thiemo Voigt (SICS, Uppsala); Vlado Handziski (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

The best Demo Award went to a demo for the EU project Evarilos and the Best Demo Runner-Up to a demo for the EU project RELYonIT co-authored by Nicolas Tsiftes. SICS participates in both projects.

More information on EWSN 2014:

Image: Thiemo Voigt. Photo by Joel Höglund.