Singapore Science Centre orders Creative Wonder Cabinet

20 May, 2009 - 12:24

The Digital Cultural Heritage Centre of Expertise at the Interactive Institute and Evoking Spaces has developed an Old Masters Paintbrushes exhibit for the Science Centre Singapore. The exhibit is a part of their new Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition called Da Vinci, the Genius, opened on May 16th.Framed as a Creative Wonder Cabinet, the exhibit displays a digital replica of the world famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. It invites the visitors to interact with the painting by using a set of interactive paintbrushes. Each paintbrush is targeting one layer of the painting and by using different brushes, the visitors can reveal secrets and different layers of the painting, e.g. drawing and colors layers in intuitive and playful way. The Old Masters Paintbrushes is a product from the Creative Wonder Cabinet series which a series of interpretive and pedagogical exhibits that aims to stimulate curiosity and engagement about museum objects and environments through interactive discovery. The Creative Wonder Cabinet - Old Masters Paintbrushes is a product of Evoking Spaces. Copyrights Evoking Spaces 2009, all rights reserved. For more information, please contact David Nilsson (david [at] or visit

Evoking Spaces is a spin-off company from the Digital Cultural Heritage Centre of Expertise at the Interactive Institute.

Science Centre SingaporeThe Science Centre Singapore is a non-formal educational institution dedicated to the promotion of science and technology among students and members of the public. As a leading Science Centre in the region, the Science Centre Singapore has twelve exhibition galleries with more than 1,000 exhibits, and another 18,000 sq meters of outdoor space showcasing the Waterworks, Ecogarden and the Kinetic Garden exhibits. The Centre also houses the Omni-Theatre — Singapore’s only dome-shaped, 5-storey high theatre with a capacity of 276 seats. The Science Centre receives more than 950,000 visitors annually. For more information, please visit

The interpretive concept of the Creative Wonder
Cabinet, Old Masters Paintbrushes is designed by Halina Gottlieb at the Digital Cultural Heritage
Centre of Expertise, Interactive Institute.