The Vision Cloud Project gets the 2013 IBC Special Award! See video.

7 October, 2013 - 16:26

We are proud to announce that the VISION Cloud project has been awarded the 2013 IBC Special Award.

"What impressed the judges most about VISION Cloud is the breadth of the collaboration, from academic institutions to leading IT businesses."

See video of the award ceremony.

VISION Cloud is about developing the next generation Cloud Storage for vast amounts of digital information. The part SICS is in charge of is the concept of storlets, units of computation that run close to the storage. Storlets can be used to transparently carry out operations such as transcoding on data to support multiple output formats, or analytics to support Big Data. The implications of storlets are quite powerful – stored data no longer needs to be transferred over the network to a local computer, processed and then put back onto the storage server, incurring both network transfer costs and latencies.

As an example, VISION Cloud can be defined so that whenever a high definition video file is stored, a storlet will automatically transcode it into a number of other formats. These formats could be for mobile devices or low resolution Youtube videos. All this is done without requiring user intervention to transfer the high definition file to a local computer, run a series of conversion programs, and then transfer the new files back to the storage server.


InformationWeek article about the nomination.

International Broadcasting Convention (IBC).