Welcome to European Location-Based Entertainment Summit (eLBeS), Malmö, May 18, 2009

11 May, 2009 - 11:34

European Location-Based Entertainment Summit(eLBeS) is a meeting point for industry and academia to discuss current issues around location-based entertainment.

How can we make location-based entertainment successful? How do different people view and understand these kinds of games? Are location-based service (LBS) applications and games getting a new push with the launch of GPS enabled phones? How can the game industry benefit from and develop new games for the new generations of phones? How can the wider ITC industry benefit from the groundbreaking work of researchers and game developers? Will the end-users enjoy this kind of products, or is it all about LBS marketing and tracking?

The first European Location-Based Entertainment Summit(eLBeS) took take place a year ago. This year the summit will take place on May 18th at Malmö Exhibition & Convention Center, St Varvsgatan 15.

New this year are three workshops that are an excellent opportunity to get more in depth knowledge and more closely interact with people within the field. The three workshops target non-visual interaction, requirements on web services and positioning with the new Galileo system.

Together SICS, Nordic Game Resource AB and Netport.Karlshamn AB organize eLBeS. You can read more about the upcoming event at http://www.elbes.eu as well as register for the event.