New Spin-off Creates the Next Generation of Sport Applications

WEMEMOVE is a new and exciting spin-off from SICS Swedish ICT and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT heading for a global sports market set to be worth 145 billion US dollars by 2015. The sports industry is quite large in Sweden with an annual turnover of 80 billion SEK. However, compared to our interest in sports and wellbeing we export very little sport-oriented products and services.

WEMEMOVE works with motion analysis in sports and wellbeing and launches its first product “mySKILAB” – a digital ski-coach. Behind the curtains is a dream team comprising the world’s most experienced sports researchers in biomechanics and physiology, the foremost experts in advanced mathematical modelling, together with Swedish elite skiers.

“We have extremely good partners and we work with the most talented individuals in sports – skiers, trainers and researchers,” says Magnus Jonsson, CEO of WEMEMOVE.

WEMEMOVE was created in 2013 as a spin-off from the “Internet of Sports” project at SICS and Interactive Institute. The company has developed a motion classification engine that answers the questions “What are you doing?” and “How are you doing it?”. The service uses the latest technology and findings in machine learning, big data analytics, user experience and interaction design. In mySKILAB the classification engine is used to identify the different techniques used by skiers, and generate innovative metrics that describe their performance. The machine learning algorithms classify the techniques and make it possible to quantify the movements. mySKILAB uses just one sensor, either a smart-phone or a HR-chest belt, together with the application that registers and provides information about how the skiers move. The sensor data is processed in “the cloud” using advanced algorithms, and sent immediately back to the skier or trainer in the form of useful, understandable information that can optimize training.