Wavium provides GMPLS interoperability with Swedish Acreo

7 February, 2005 - 09:00

Wavium provides GMPLS interoperability with Swedish Acreo


Wavium AB, a provider of intelligent optical network solutions based on wavelength switches, today announced that it has performed GMPLS interop testing in Acreo’s national testbed. Juniper IP routers have communicated with Wavium wavelength switches in order to automatically request connections within a wavelength switched network.

The interop testing covered relevant parts of the Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) suite that is being standardised by the IETF. Using RSVP-TE signalling a GMPLS based network interface was implemented that can be used both towards “client” networks such as IP, Ethernet and SDH/SONET (a UNI interface) and towards other “server” networks (an NNI interface).

Other GMPLS implementations require fork-lift upgrades to be useful in practical networks. However, the present implementation provides much higher flexibility when designing networks. Combined with the Wavium optical control plane automated optical networks can be built-out allowing for gradually more automation and also still accommodating for the already installed equipment base. “This is a very elegant approach to GMPLS ”, states Dr. Gunnar Jacobsen, Manager Optical Systems and Networks Lab at Acreo, “Wavium switches can potentially be used to glue together all the different technologies in our backbone testbed, and even with no network interface other technologies can be connected to the Wavium switches using a minimum of manual intervention” Wavium's wavelength switches fit into a broad range of different customer applications. Apart from offering wavelength switching they can also be used for transmission, regeneration and Ethernet aggregation. Supported formats include GbE, 10 GE LAN and WAN, and up to 10 G SDH/SONET.

Wavium’s own management system WaveMaster includes a proprietary optical control plane that offers the same functionality as promised by GMPLS with respect to network automation, dynamic traffic restoration etc. Once the GMPLS standards become more mature a full GMPLS control plane will be offered alongside WaveMaster. Meanwhile, WaveMaster with the above-mentioned UNI/NNI implementation will be offered.

"We are very pleased with the Acreo collaboration", says Carl Wickman, CTO of Wavium. "The Acreo people have been very valuable in our GMPLS work. They have an impressive testbed featuring many different network technologies, and they have both hands-on experience and actively participate in the standardisation of tomorrow’s communications networks.”

About AcreoAcreo is a Swedish research institute working with contract research and development to help customers develop the advanced products of tomorrow. Acreo provides innovative microelectronics and optics solutions that contribute to growth and profitability. Acreo has a well-established competence into fiber optics, opto-electronics and micro systems technologies together with competence in the area of optical transmission and networking systems.

About WaviumWavium provides network solutions based on intelligent wavelength switches. By switching whole wavelengths of light we enable telecom operators to substantially improve the utilization of their existing network resources. Wavium wavelength switches embrace applications ranging from dark fiber and wavelength services to enhancing congested telecom and IP-router networks. Our unique solutions have proven to be very cost-effective. Industry's lowest optical port cost and our sophisticated management system keep both investment costs and operational expenses at a minimum. Wavium is based in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, visit www.wavium.com

PR contact for Acreo:Gunnar Jacobsen, Manager Optical Systems and Networks Lab, Acreo, +46 8 632 7848, gunnar.jacobsen [at] acreo.se PR contact for Wavium: Lars Johansen, Sales & Marketing Director, Wavium,+46 8 685 1949, lars.johansen [at] wavium.com