Interactive sculpture in the making

13 August, 2007 - 17:55

The artist Petra Vargova from the Czech Republic is a new Artist in Residence at Art & Technology at the Interactive Institute from the beginning of September. Before that, she will participate in the group exhibition Game Art at Mejan Labs from August 30.Petra Vargova, born in the Czech republic in 1973, will work with interactive sculpture at the Art & Technology-programme at the Interactive Institute. Her Artist in Residency starts at the beginning of September and she will stay until the end of January 2008.In her project she will create an interactive sculpture in the form of an organically shaped body working its way up to a normal body temperature of 37,2 degrees Celsius. When it has reached that temperature it will stop and start over again, repeating the procedure. – Petra Vargova´s work is multi faceted, she follows different traces. But she has much artistic experience of spatiality, sculpture and form that is important, it is not only technique, says Björn Norberg, who is in charge of the Artist in Residence-programme at A & T.Before Petra Vargova goes into the studio at the Interactive Institute she will participate in the group exhibition Game Art at Mejan Labs which opens on August 30 and is open until October 7. There she exhibits her work DOA 2, Dead or alive 2, where she shows up as a game character and challenges the other fictive characters in the well known computer game. To Petra Vargovas web site >> To Mejan Labs web site >>

Text: Carina Ruotsalainen