Documentary about artists in Tirana

1 October, 2007 - 22:31

The Swedish-Finnish television program 'Neon' at YLE (Finnish state television) features a documentary about the contemporary art scene in Albania.    The TV-documentary is centered around Tina Finnäs, whom the reporters follow around while she is working with TICA - the first contemporary art center in Tirana, Albania's capital city. 'Neon' meets up with several optimistic Albanians in what used to be the darkest corner of Europe. The TV-documentary also takes part of a three-day workshop by Performing Pictures' Geska Helena Andersson and Robert Brecevic - held at the Art Academy, Tirana.The TV-documentary is shown at YLE/FST5 the 27 September at 22.00 local time (GMT +02.00). Photo gallery - YLE