Program and presentations from Multicore Days 2008, 11-12 September

19 August, 2008 - 13:57

Thanks to all who contributed to and participated in the very successful Multicore Days 2008! While we have not yet opened registration for the 2009 event, you are invited to register for multicore news and announcements at processors are replacing single core processors in servers, personal computers and embedded systems alike. To leverage multicore, all software must be parallel. How can we meet this challenge? What are the current options? What happens internationally and in Sweden? Multicore Days 2008 features leading international and Swedish experts from industry and academia, who will present the cutting edge of multicore computing technologies.


Thursday September 11 10.00 Registration and coffee 10.30 Prof. Mats Brorsson, KTH: Welcome and announcement of the Swedish Multicore Initiative, 10.50 Mats Karlsson, Vice President, Ericsson 11.15 Prof. Erik Hagersten, Uppsala University: "The challenges of manycore" 12.00 Lunchbreak (lunch not included) 13.00 Prof. Kunle Olukotun, Stanford: "Towards Pervasive Parallelism" 14.00 Prof. Anant Agarwal, MIT and Tilera: "Tile Processor: General Purpose Manycore for Multimedia, Networking, and Wireless" 15.00 Coffee_______________________________________

Parallel tracksTrack 115.30 Tutorial on Intel TBB by Alexey Kukanov, Intel

Track 2 15.30 Prof. Erik Hagersten, Acumem: "Acumem Analysis Technology for Multicore Applications" 16.00 Prof. Per Stenström, Nema Labs: "Nema Labs Approach to Accelerate Reliable Threading"

Track 3 15.30 Prof. Bengt Johnsson, Uppsala University: "UPMARC: the VR Center of Excellence for Research on Multicore Programming in Uppsala" 16.00 Dr. Joe Armstrong, Ericsson: "Erlang: Concurrent programming without shared state on multicores"


16.30 James Reinders, Intel: "Parallelism for Multicore and Manycore" 17.30 End of program Friday September 12 8.30 Registration and coffee 9.00 Prof. Per Stenström, Chalmers: "Multicore Research Activities supported by the European Commission" 10.00 Panel Discussion: How to meet the challenge of manycore (position statements by Prof. Kunle Olukotun and Prof. Anant Agarwal)12.00 Lunchbreak (lunch not included) _______________________________________

Parallel tracksTrack 113.00 Tutorial on OpenMP by Prof. Mats Brorsson, KTH 14.00 Dr. Sverker Holmgren, Uppsalal University: "Lessons learned from 40 years of parallel computing" Track 2 13.00 Dr. Jakob Engblom, Virtutech: "Simics Accelerator: Creating a Parallel Program out of a Serial Problem" 13.30 Prof. Björn Lisper, Mälardalen University: "Parallelization of Legacy Telecom Software"

14.00 Dr. Magnus Karlsson, Enea: "OSE Multicore Version: Bare Metal Performance with SMP Flexibility"Track 313.00 Prof. Håkan Grahn, Blekinge Institute of Technology: "Performance Debugging of Parallel Applications" 13.30 Dr. Philipas Tsigas, Chalmers: "Trying to scale Interprocess Synchronization-Data Sharing by being as NOBLE (NOn-BLocking Efficiently) as possible" 14.00 Dr. Karl-Filip Faxén, SICS: "Finding dependencies using Embla"_______________________________________

14.30 Prof. David Padua, University of Illinois: "Programming in the era of parallelism"15.30 End of program

For abstracts and bios please see separate page.Multicore Days 2008 is free of charge and is co-organized by SICS, the Swedish Multicore Initiative, and Ericsson. Please register at Register early to be guaranteed a seat! Welcome!